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'Attend today and achieve tomorrow!'

Opening Times


Acorns: Various depending on child

Oak, Elm, Maple, Willow and Pine: 8:40 start and 3:10 finish

Rowan and Cedar: 8:40 start and 3:15 finish


At Ford Primary, we think attendance is extremely important! Attending school helps children to prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. The higher the attendance, the more opportunity for success! 


96% - our attendance target for 2023-24! 


Celebrating Attendance

We celebrate in lots of different ways including:

  • 95% Weekly Class Attendance - leaves are given out and classes can win a prize! 
  • Weekly Top Class Attendance - classes compete to win Anthony the Attendance Teddy!
  • Weekly 100% Attendance Raffle - small prizes for one person per class!
  • Termly 100% Attendance Raffle - £25 voucher per term won by someone who has raffle tickets in the box!
  • Yearly celebration for those with attendance over 99%! 
  • Class based prizes and reward systems! 

Class Attendance So Far

Cedar: 96.6%

Rowan: 95.9%

Pine: 96.5%

Willow: 94.9%

Maple: 94.6%

Elm: 95.5%

Oak: 97.1%


OVERALL: 95.8%

Please be aware that, due to Covid-19, we have not published our attendance for 2019-20.