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School Parliament

Our School Parliament is set up to reflect the needs of the school and to ensure our children have a voice. The cabinet members were elected by their class peers and a panel of school staff members. The Class Members were voted by their peers because they are considered to be good role models and a good voice for each child in their class.


Our cabinet consists of the following roles: 

Cabinet Chair

Arts Minister

Culture Minister

Finance Minister

Sports Ministers

Welfare Minister

Environment Minister

Education Minister

Technology Minister



At Ford Primary School we feel it is important that the children have a say in how their school is run.  This is why we have a school parliament to allow the children to have a voice.  Our school parliament is made up of representatives from each class in order to ensure our school parliament represents our whole school.

During our meetings we discuss many matters from issues in the school, fundraising and ways to improve our school. 


The Cabinet Ministers for the academic year 2023 ~ 2024 are:


Cabinet Chair - Aeron OL 

Deputy Chair and Welfare Minister - Grace L

Education Minister - Logan OL

Finance Minister - Noah WB

Sports Ministers - Archie S and Shad AZ

Environment Minister - Reggie McG

Culture Minister - Maddie K

Arts Minister - Oscar H and Kiah Mc

Digital Technology Minister - Jack C


Members of Parliament for the academic year 2023 - 2024 are: 






Wow! We were nominated for a National Jigsaw Award and some of us went off to London in July! Although we didn't win, we had an incredible time! 

Meeting Minutes 2022-23