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How will the school monitor the progress of my child?

How will school monitor the progress of my child?


All pupils at Ford Primary School have their progress monitored regularly through a range of methods from informal observations to more formal assessments. Every term we hold Pupil Progress Meetings where staff discuss the learning and development of the pupils in their care with the senior leadership team. Any pupils who require additional support, whether as a small booster intervention or as part of on-going SEND support, are carefully monitored and provision reviewed.


During the year the school will report on your child’s progress each term and all parents/carers have an opportunity to come into school to discuss their child’s learning at formal parent/teacher consultations. You are also welcome to contact the school at anytime to discuss your child's progress.


If your child needs more regular and intensive support, they may have a SEND Support Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP). Both the child and their parents/carers are involved in the creation of the plan and copies are sent home. These plans are reviewed regularly to ensure they are successfully meeting your child’s learning and development needs.


Pupils also evaluate how well they are doing. This can be done through simple self-evaluation activities in the classroom or if the child has an IEP they will complete a short Pupil Voice questionnaire at the start and end of any extra support so they can tell us how helpful the intervention has been.


If outside agencies are involved in supporting your child you will be invited to regular review meetings and will receive copies of any reports.


For further information about how we monitor pupil progress please see the school Assessment Policy.