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Mission Statement

Mission Statement for Ford Primary School


Ford Primary School believes that everyone should be valued for his or her individuality, culture and heritage, and that they are encouraged to achieve their full potential in a stimulating, challenging and caring environment.




We the staff, parents, governors and wider school community aim to encourage each and every child in all aspects of learning by:


Fostering natural curiosity and a desire to learn

Offering an exciting, challenging and creative curriculum

Responding to the needs of each child

Developing their confidence to acquire and use new skills


Providing a safe and caring learning environment

Respecting the opinions, beliefs and values of others

Involving the community as partners in learning

Motivating each child to strive and achieve

Acknowledging effort

Rewarding achievement...so that

Your child will leave Ford Primary School ready for life in an ever-changing world!


Remember –


“It is always better to give it a go than not to try and not to know."