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How are parents/carers involved with their child's support?

How are parents/carers involved with their child’s support?


At Ford Primary School we like to involve all parents and carers with their child’s learning.


During the year we hold a range of events to showcase the pupil's learning and share with parents how children learn. This can be anything from meetings for new parents to observing maths lessons to open exhibitions of work. Curricululm infomration is shared on the school website so you can see what your child will be finding out about each term. The weekly school newsletter is full of information about what and how the children are learning. 


For some children with specific or more complex needs we work closely with families to identify priorities for learning and development. A SEND plan or IEP is put in place after discussing how the best outcomes might be achieved. Sometimes we organise the discussion and review process through Team Around Me meetings. At these meetings families, school and other professionals come together regularly to monitor progress and review what is in place for their child. 


Children will often have homework tasks appropriate to their age and ability which we hope parents and carers will support.

For those children with a SEND Support Plan or IEP there may be alternative or additional activities that the child can complete at home. If your child would benefit from this, a member of staff will explain the activities to you, provide resources if necessary and answer any queries you may have. Sometimes these activities are suggested by outside agencies such as the Speech and Language Service or the Communication Interaction Team.