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Our events 2023-24

November 2023

Aspirations Day


Foundation Stage have held their 'Aspirations Day.' They looked at real life Super-Heros and came to school dressed as doctors, fire fighters, builders and teachers! They were able to talk about their hero and had a great day! 

Year 6 Residential

Cedar Class have been to River Dart on their residential. Here are a selection of the photos! 

Rowan Class and PAFC

This half term, we are lucky enough to have Mr Donovan from Plymouth Argyle in to help us in our PE lessons. This week in our practical session, we learnt how to play the game scoop. We had great fun playing it as a whole class before splitting off into smaller groups. Afterwards, we went back into class for the next part of the session. We learnt about the importance of keeping healthy through excercise. We then found our resting pulse rate before completing numerous vigourous activities and retaking our pulse rate afterwards to see the effect excercise has on our bodies.  We can’t wait for next week’s session! 

October 2023


Apple Pressing

We were lucky enough to be invited to Parkwood House to take part in an apple pressing activity. Some children from Willow class joined the residents to make some delicious apple juice, which they shared together afterwards. We will look forward to strengthening our links with Parkwood house over the year.

Harvest Celebration


We held our Harvest Celebration this week and what a fantastic event it was! A huge thank you to everyone who donated food and toiletries for our two charities, a local food bank and Devon Food Action. 

Well done to our Year 6 readers and what fantastic singing from the whole school. We especially enjoyed Cauliflowers Fluffy! 

Plymouth Argyle Community Trust - Nursery Football!


The Acorn children have been fortunate to have two Plymouth Argyle coaches to take their PE lessons over the last two weeks. They have been working on their ball skills controlling a ball when dribbling and kicking it. Each session stated with a fun warm up game of spider tag. Two children were given sports bibs which were their ‘webs’ and they had to run after their peers and catch them with the web by throwing it at them. If the child was tagged, they became the tagger. Next, they were shown how to dribble a football by keeping it close to their feet and moving it forwards with little taps of their feet by walking like a penguin. Once they could dribble the ball, they were shown how to stop the ball by doing a ‘rhino stomp’ by placing a foot on the ball and were then challenged to swop feet. Then they dribbled their ball around the hall trying to avoid the iceberg cones and kicked the ball to knock over cone castles. The children enjoyed the sessions and showed some good control when dribbling the ball. 

September 2023


Summer Reading

A big well done to everyone who completed the Plymouth Library Service's 'Summer Reading Challenge!'