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Breakfast Club

                                                            BREAKFAST CLUB 
Breakfast Club is open to all children in the main school, each day from 7.45 a.m.  
A range of food and drink is provided at a nominal cost, costings are below.  The club is supervised at all times. Parents are not expected to stay with their children except for the very young ones.  This is an occasion where we encourage the children to act independently of their parents. 

We operate on an understanding that children who use this service hold to strict rules of behaviour.  We want this club to be a quiet, pleasant social experience for the children - a way to begin the day relaxed and smiling.  Any child who feels unable to comply with these rules will be spoken to, as will their parents. 
                                                          Breakfast Club Costs 
The daily rate is £1.50 per child with some concessions for families with more than 2 children attending the Breakfast Club....

1 child  ~  £1.50         2 children  ~  £3.00         3 children  ~  £4.25          4 children  ~  £5.50.....and an extra £1.00 per child

for every other child in the family.